"Get ready to be haunted by this beautiful fusion of Alex's powerful folkloristic voice and Axel's expressive piano transforming darkness into light and light into darkness at every turn."


About Luka Novic and our self-produced album, "I better put it somewhere safe": 

Alex Lukanovic, as the name implies, was born in Germany, more precisely, in Haßfurt (Franconia), although her roots are in Bosnia. Both of these countries are crucial to her music. The emotional extremes of the Balkan roots shine through in her songs on the one hand, but on the other it is very rational. Alex Lukanovic understands how to bring these two inconsistencies perfectly in line. Her music is a cross between engrained tempers and emotional aspects that collide and become whole. Metaphors express the experiences she gained in Bosnia, Ireland and Germany. She is never afraid of bringing 
up controversial subjects such as war and death, or just to cater for the simple things of daily life like interpersonal circumstances. Her songs are sensitive and vulnerable but at the same time joyful and genuine as well. Her clear and powerful voice is no 
passenger to the melody; it is a central driving force in the music. As versatile as her music and her life is now, she would not be out of place performing in a Bosnian female choir under conduction of Goran Bregovic. The Sljivovica (Bosnian spirit) on stage would not be an almost rare ritual act as it is now, but an integral part of her stage performance.