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Dear Teachers,

We're excited to announce that a Yoga Class will take place each morning at IVACON before classes begin. Alexandra Pengler, an IVA teacher from Sweden, will be conducting the classes.

Alexandra has been in teacher-training with Sadie Nardini, the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, for two years. Bringing the body into balance along with the voice is a great asset in your daily practice as a singer and singing teacher.

Alexandra has been bringing all these elements into her teaching, performing, and general lifestyle with great success.

Some of the benefits gained from practicing Yoga regularly are that you will build lean muscle, optimize cardio, stimulate the central nervous system, balance hormones, increase detoxification and digestion, and even reduce acid reflux.

We will activate your deep core muscle meridian through Sadie Nardini's seven core cues, and we'll build up from your foundation to your core and, finally, up to expression.

This holistic approach will bring more energy into your voice and will help you lean into your whole body during singing.

Please bring your Yoga mat, blocks, leggings, and tops to IVACON and practice with Alexandra! Rise and shine and start the day with a fresh and clear mind.